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Working with Texas Condo Approvals

Interested in having your condominium complex approved by FHA, FNMA or the VA? Call us for a free on-the-phone consultation to assess your project's existing compliance. We'll go over with you the current criteria and talk through potential issues.

We first provide our clients with a checklist of the required items we'll need to submit your application. We then do a detailed review of all the documents for completeness, compliance, and potential issues. Normally, there are one or two issues that must be addressed. We will work through these with you to both remedy the situation and present it in the proper manner. We regularly assist our clients in moving from a non-compliant status to full compliance.

Once any required changes are made, we compile and digitize all of the needed information to complete the application, and submit it to the appropriate review office. Unless you desire otherwise, we serve as the main point of contact for the reviewers and act as the interface for their questions or concerns. We mother the submission along, and monitor it daily. We will inform you immediately whenever we have any communications with the reviewer, and will call you immediately upon securing your approval.

Submitting an incomplete or improper application will result in approval delays in the best case, and an outright rejection in the worst case. Submitting the wrong information can even alert the reviewers to larger problems that may mean the project can not be approved for a very long time. Our experience in knowing what to submit, what not to submit, and how to submit has translated into a perfect submission record this year and faster than average approval times.

Texas Condo Approvals is also available to assist with consulting services including exception applications, HOA budget and reserve studies, Declaration and Bylaw reviews, legal phasing strategies, and marketing assistance. Please call us toll-free at 877-TX-CONDO = (877) 892-6636, or if you prefer, send us an email to discuss your needs and we'll recommend you to the right source if we can't help you.

Texas Condo Approvals Fee Schedule

(subject to change with changes in loan guarantee programs)

Deliverable Description Fee
FHA and VA new application Acquisition, compilation and submission of documents and exhibits for a new condominium project. The 2nd application for the same property is an additional $1,000 (ex: FHA and VA). $2,000 each
FHA re-certification For condos last approved before January 1, 2000, HUD requires a new application. Acquisition, compilation and submission of documents and exhibits for previously approved projects not submitted by TCA. $1,500
Re-certification for projects of previous TCA clients $750
FHA additional phase Acquisition, compilation and submission of documents and exhibits to add an additional legal phase to a currently approved condominium project $500 each
FHA Reserve Study Detailed analysis of adequacy of reserve funds as required by FHA varies
Consulting Assistance with any facet of condominium approvals including guideline exceptions, exemption requests, marketing, legal phasing, declaration issues, lender support, association budgeting, appraisals, etc. $150/hr
Fees do not include additional items which are very rarely required, such as: FNMA PERS fees, reserve studies, budget creation, environmental studies, engineer's flood letter, HOA certifications, an attorney's opinion letter, etc.